MovieVUE is an entertainment and information system specifically designed for providing in-house entertainment for guest accommodation.

The service, provided free of charge to your guests, allows them to view 10 of the latest release movies on 5 movie channels with a movie guide incorporated, and access to free to air channels, guests are able to sit back, relax and enjoy their accommodation and its services.

The system is remotely controlled from the MovieVUE headquarters, allowing maintenance and updating of movies to be performed seamlessly, regardless of location.

With MovieVUE, contracts are no longer a problem as we don't lock our customers into long term contracts. All you pay is a low installation fee and a low monthly fee.

A major feature of the system is the ability for you to advertise internally to your guests. Advertising can be customised to your specific requirements. Played during the break periods between movies, the advertising gives you the opportunity to promote to your guests other services or facilities that you have on offer. Ads can be easily customised and updated when required.

Our approach to in-house entertainment offers many features and benefits for your organisation. Here are a few:



Movies free to guests
Happy customers

Increased income from in-house services - your guests will stay in more and make more use of your room service, mini bar and restaurant

Repeat business

No Contracts
No lock-in or get-out fees
Low Fees
More affordable than alternative entertainment systems
Customisable ads
Increased income through greater use of your services
Remotely managed 24/7

     - Introduction of new movies
     - Servicing
No impact on staff as they have no involvement with the running of the system
New release movies every month
Happy Customers
Easy to use

     - 5 new TV channels
     - Onscreen movie guide
Happy Customers
Runs on existing cabling and TVs
No additional costs